23 February, 2023

How to audit your online marketing strategy?

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How to audit your online marketing strategy?

An audit of your brand's marketing efforts is known as a marketing audit. It contrasts the present with the past. It is an examination of what is and isn't functioning and, ultimately, what can be done to make things better.

There are several variables that might affect an audit, which we'll go over below. It's crucial to take into account the distinction between a marketing audit and a digital marketing audit as soon as possible. There are two perspectives on this:

Digital marketing is the same as online marketing. Because "digital marketing" concentrates on all online activities, it has certain needs. Digital is unavoidable, thus a marketing audit without a digital focus would be useless. But a digital marketing audit that is excessively focused on the online realm may miss important information.

What Separates a Good Audit from a Bad Audit?

The efficacy or "worth" of the audit might be based on a number of factors. But it's not just one way. It's not just the responsibility of the business or the auditing professional. From the viewpoint of the client, the value is located in:

  • A more comprehensive audit A genuinely excellent audit will make you aware of items you were unaware of. If you set a restricted brief for the audit and ask for too much detail, the results may suffer.
  • Your readiness and capacity to implement suggestions - The advantages of an audit won't become apparent until you follow the advice. The majority of audit recommendations will likely need time and money to implement.

How is the audit done?

It's easy to see why an SEO audit is one of the audits about which we receive the most inquiries. In the realm of digital marketing, SEO is frequently regarded as the "go-to" strategy for increasing website traffic. But if you are not working with solid foundations, SEO might be one of the hardest to achieve results from. There are several sorts of SEO audits, each of which focuses on a distinct topic. There is/are:

  • Technical audits provide a strong emphasis on the website's technical structure and the ease with which search engines can crawl and index the material.
  • During an "off-page" (or link) audit, you concentrate on the websites that connect to yours.

Success with Content

When we audit material for "success," we often consider how well it may drive traffic, links, shares, and new business. This makes sure you are carrying all the knowledge forward if you are launching a new content strategy. This kind of assessment would ensure that never happens because it may be disastrous to leave your top performing content behind in situations like site migration.

Content Suitability

Usually, when we consider whether the content is acceptable, we consider how effectively it communicates with the audience. This type of audit is typically conducted by a copywriter who can understand the mindset of the target market and determine what has been effective.


Your issues will be resolved if you implement all of the audit's suggestions as part of an ongoing plan. An audit is typically the beginning of a procedure rather than its conclusion. When you do one, be prepared to devote time and resources to implementing the audit recommendations. You should also be aware that an audit frequently poses issues that it is unable to address. These unanswerable queries shouldn't be seen as a red flag for the audit or a cause for concern. There are occasions when the data or information is unavailable.

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