12 December, 2022

CRM Solutions for Your eCommerce Store

CRM software for eCommerce websites. Increase customer retention and sales with a complete, all-inclusive CRM platform that's easy to implement, customize and manage.

CRM Solutions for Your eCommerce Store

Customer relationship management (CRM) software may completely alter how your traditional e-commerce business operations operate. It has aided several organizations in developing, growing, providing top-notch customer service, and efficiently managing their client connections.

Today, there are several CRM software options accessible in the eCommerce sector. All of these CRMs share one thing in common: they are made to handle customer outbound marketing and contacts, maximize retention rates, and boost conversion rates. Each has different features that make them distinct and are selected to fit specific company objectives.

What Is A CRM For eCommerce?

Software for customer relationship management has been created to assist businesses in managing and using client data. An eCommerce CRM performs the same function. However, it is tailored specifically for online shops.

It may collect information about your customers' actions and utilize that information to conclude their purchasing patterns, behavior, and interactions with the various channels of your e-commerce company. It will inform you of the most recent exchange or purchase a consumer made at your business. When this data is unified on a single platform, companies can target their consumers better and measure their success.

Pardot Salesforce

The pinnacle of the CRM software sector is Salesforce. It was likely the first firm to release a CRM, and it continues to enjoy success in the CRM industry. Salesforce offers various CRM software for every business in healthcare, education, e-commerce, and other areas.

All sizes of B2B companies may use marketing automation thanks to Salesforce Pardot. Pardot is a godsend if you currently use any other Salesforce product in your company.


Another well-known brand of marketing automation software is Marketo. It meets the demands of internet businesses for marketing automation and is a member of the Adobe software family. It includes top-notch capabilities for managing leads, using email marketing tools, attributing income, and doing account-based marketing. Marketo features a great dashboard that provides thorough reports, clever automation, and active campaigns. Marketo may be integrated with Sugar CRM, Netsuite, Oracle, SAP Cloud for Sales, Dynamics CRM, and Netsuite.

CRM HubSpot

Larger e-commerce companies that wish to accelerate their growth should use this CRM. Additionally, you may link it with other marketing tools. In addition to providing estimates, proposals forecasts, and customer tracking, HubSpot also includes project management features. Additionally, it offers financial CRM and lead management.

CRM Zoho

Popular CRM Zoho is appropriate for all sizes of businesses. It features well-known CRMs, excellent customer service, and tools for financial forecasting. No matter the size of your business, you can make it bespoke to suit your needs, thanks to its great degree of customization. Additionally, it may be integrated with omnichannel customer support, Zoho Desk, and other Zoho products. Regarding cost, the company's product has a freemium version and a sophisticated CRM software trial. Starting at $12 per person per year, Zoho CRM offers various options with varying feature levels.


CRMs are made to build clever processes that are sparked by certain circumstances. For instance, you might configure your system to send push alerts or emails to clients who haven't purchased in the past six months with a 10% discount. This illustrates marketing automation, which is a CRM's main purpose. Marketing automation is crucial for B2C e-commerce enterprises based on product sales cycles. You can use a CRM to update a customer's purchase history in a database, launch campaigns to recover abandoned carts, and follow up with customers to get feedback and ratings.

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