14 September, 2020

10 Best Digital Marketing Experts You Should Follow and Why

Do you own a digital marketing agency? Looking for some valuable tips to grow your business further?

10 Best Digital Marketing Experts You Should Follow and Why

Do you own a digital marketing agency? Looking for some valuable tips to grow your business further? Let us learn about this.

There are tons of digital marketing experts online you can get that dose of knowledge from. In this article we have curated a list of global online marketing professionals and influencers, who will broaden your e-marketing outlook. Some of these professionals have made their names in content marketing & social media marketing fields, few in SEO and blogging and some in 360 degree digital marketing. Let’s get started.

Top 10 Digital Marketing Influencers you should be following on the web

  • Neil Patel - As per Forbes, Neil Patel is one of the top 10 digital marketing experts across the globe. Neil is a best selling author and regarded as the top influencer on the web by Wall Street Journal. He has founded and co-founded several companies in the digital domain like Kissmetrics, CrazyEgg etc. An expert in SEO, he provides digital marketing advice with his high-quality SEO guide, and digital marketing topics. Through his website he provides tips and strategies to build and strengthen your online presence, increase quality leads and website traffic. If you are a digital marketing enthusiast, you should be following Neil on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. You should also subscribe to his website at neilpatel.com for the fresh topics on online marketing.
  • John Morrow - An expert in creative viral posts, John specializes in content marketing, blogging and online marketing. If you want to know the best tips to start blogging and create viral posts to make money online, he is the person to follow on social media. Did you know that in 2011 John Marrow branched off from Copyblogger, and created his Boostblogtraffic (now known as Smartblogger) which garnered 13,000 subscribers even before it was launched! That’s the kind of popularity and knowledge John holds.
  • Shama Hayder - Popularly known as the ‘Zen Master of Marketing’ by Entrepreneur Magazine, and ‘Millennial Master of the Universe’ by Fast Company, Shama is the Founder and CEO of Zen Media one of the finest digital marketing and PR agencies. She specializes in entrepreneurship, digital marketing and social media. Hyder has also reserved a spot in Forbes’ ‘30 Under 30’ list. Other than being an online marketing expert, Shama advocates for youth entrepreneurship and gender equality in the business world. For the freshly baked tips and content on digital marketing, follow Shama Hayder on LinkedIn.
  • Sandi Krakowski - She is a social media expert recognized by Forbes as one of the top 20 online marketing influencers, top 20 women social media influencer, and top 50 social media power influencer. She has spent more than two decades working in business development and online marketing. She is best known for her books “#BeMore” and “Read Their Mind.” You can grab a copy of these books on Amazon.com. Sandi is an “out-of-every-box” speaker, author, culture curator, thought leader, and top social media influencer. Follow Sandi Krakowski on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube for the best Marketing Strategies, tips in Copywriting, and Modern Business.
  • Larry Kim - The Founder and CEO of WordStream, Larry is an SEO expert. He provides internet consulting services by managing a team of marketers and engineers to develop and sell search engine marketing automation software. One notable achievement of Larry Kim is he was voted  as the topmost Influential PPC Expert in 2013, 2014, and 2015 by PPC Hero Blog. He is among the top internet marketing experts and the author of Search Engine Land. Follow Larry and get the best knowledge on Facebook Advertising, PPC and inspiration around entrepreneurship in the tech domain.
  • Mari Smith - Popularly known as the Queen of Facebook, Mari is one of the world’s leading social media thought leaders. She is best known for her acumen in Facebook Marketing and a great social media influencer. Felicitated by Forbes as one of the Top 10 social media influencers, Smith has been recognized by IBM as one of the “7 women who are challenging, shaping, and defining the digital marketing space and providing fresh insights into the way marketers can move forward in fast-changing priorities and technology.” You can head to Amazon.com today to buy “The New Relationship Marketing: How to Build a Large, Loyal, Profitable Network Using the Social Web,” and the “Facebook Marketing: An Hour A Day,” by Mari.
  • Peep Laja - He is the founder of ConversionXL (CXL). Laja is an entrepreneur, speaker and digital marketing expert. He is the best when it comes to conversion rate optimization, and hence has been voted the most influential conversion rate optimization expert. Peep strongly believes in evidence-based marketing, and his strategies are based on his analysis, data, studies, and insights from customer research. He specializes in conversion rate optimization, data analysis, user experience design, online sales boost, conversion optimization design.
  • Gary Vaynerchuk - A Belarusian American Entrepreneur, speaker and 5 times NYTimes best selling author, Gray is an ecommerce expert, venture capitalist, digital marketing and social media professional. He is a popular web personality and founder of a leading NYC based company, VaynerX. You can follow Vaynerchuk on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn and his website grayvaynerchuk.com.
  • Julie Jyoce - Julie is the owner of the owner of Link Fish Media, the link development firm specializing in creating custom link building campaigns for clients. She is a renowned online marketing expert one must follow. Due to her excellence and keen interest in the link building world, Julie Jyoce is popularly known as the ‘Queen of Links.’
  • Rand Fishkin - The founder and the former CEO of Moz, Rand is an online marketing expert and a leading expert in SEO, content writing, product designer at Moz, and a renowned advisor. He is the host of Whiteboard Friday, and his videos are great inspiration for digital marketing updates. You can go on Amazon.com to buy popular books co-authored by him -  “The Art of Seo: Mastering Search Engine Optimization” and “Inbound Marketing and SEO: Insights from the Moz Blog.”

In Conclusion

The above list of top digital marketing experts you should follow that would help you gain more traffic, leads and generate revenue for your business. If you are new to the digital marketing domain, then it is even more essential to follow these professionals to learn the digital marketing strategies and skills.

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