20 July, 2022

How Digital Marketing Transformed The Sales Funnel?

Digital marketing has transformed the sales funnel drastically. It is not only the marketing aspect that has evolved with the digital age, but also life in general.

How Digital Marketing Transformed The Sales Funnel?

A marketing funnel is a type of sales process that moves potential buyers. through a sequential and progressive series of steps towards the ultimate goal of acquiring the product or service.

It follows the general shape of an upside-down U with a wider top and narrower bottom. As people progress down the funnel, they become more engaged in the marketing message because they build trust in the company that is selling it.

The marketing funnel is a framework that marketers use to measure the different stages of conversion on a website or application. A marketing funnel is composed of 5 steps: Awareness, interest, desire, purchase and loyalty.

The awareness stage is about getting people aware of who you are and what you offer. The interest stage is about the creation of interest for your product or service. In this stage people are considering whether they need your product or service. The desired stage is about converting customers into prospective buyers by showing them how their lives will be when they get your product or service and how much it costs. The purchase stage is the conversion point where customers have decided to buy your product or in some cases join your email list by signing up for a newsletter in exchange for some information.

How The Marketing Funnel Has Changed?

Marketing has always been a key aspect of every company’s success. You need to identify your target audience, design the marketing message and make sure they get it. The marketing funnel has changed over time, from creating brand awareness to achieving customer acquisition. The new era in marketing is all about a company’s ability to make their products relevant for the consumer and turn them into loyal customers.

The funnel starts with brand awareness, then moves on to product relevance followed by customer acquisition. In order for a business to succeed, it needs to focus on this model in order to capture the market share that is out there waiting for them. These are the changes we have seen in recent years – as we move more and more toward an audience-driven economy, companies need to be constantly aware.

Technology has affected the marketing funnel, in terms of how it has changed and what is possible now. Currently, digital marketing makes up over 80% of all marketing. This is due to the rise in social media channels, like Facebook and Instagram, which allow companies to advertise directly to their customers. Also due to things like a website with ecommerce capabilities and online advertising through Google Adwords (company`s can target specific demographic groups), which means that a company can not only advertise but also sell from their website.


Digital marketing has transformed the sales funnel drastically. It is not only the marketing aspect that has evolved with the digital age, but also life in general.

Every company, big or small, has a website nowadays and most of them are trying to market their products through it. To create a website and make it more visible to people, one needs to have an expert help them by leveraging proven strategies and tools as well as by following some basic guidelines.

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