21 July, 2020

What are the Essential Elements for Creating a Dynamic Website Design

Creating a Dynamic Website Design With ever-evolving trends, website design can never be invariable.

What are the Essential Elements for Creating a Dynamic Website Design

With ever-evolving trends, website design can never be invariable. You may have designed an advanced website a decade ago using the same resources and team you use today, but that design is entirely outworn now. With time, you need to regularly brush up on your website, using the latest website design trends to connect with your audience quicker and better.

So, what next will you do now? Go and search for the new web design techniques on the internet. Right? Wrong!

Because once you search online, you will be flooded with several search results. It can be confusing and overwhelming;it is tough to determine which ones to follow. Hence, we are here to help you out.

Below are the top three elements present in any contemporary dynamic website design to deliver an excellent user experience and develop a positive brand image.

Top design elements - a design guide by a website design company

1. Responsive hero images - The hero image is a large banner image significantly placed on any web page. It is usually an image that quickly draws maximum user attention and encourages them to explore the website further. As a designer, you should ensure:

- The design is responsive. You can view it clearly on your phone, tablet, or desktop without zoom and scroll to fit it into the screen.

Choose the color of the overlapping text smartly not to affect the readability. If you use a dark background image, choose a light color text.

- Create a good balance between the text and the image. Maintain good spacing, don`t make it too clumsy.

2. Add video to improve reliability and visibility - Videos are in trend, and people prefer watching over reading many great complex paragraphs. As you already know, human brains can process moving images 60,000 times quicker than text. Once you decide to use the video, keep the following things in mind:

 - Your video shouldn`t start automatically. Because it can be very irritating for your visitors to hear a loud video the moment they enter your website. Secondly, it should cover the entire phone screen.

 - it is a good idea to ask your professional website design team to balance the load time with their advanced web design techniques. Avoid using a high-pixel or heavy video. Otherwise, it will affect your page load speed.

3. Good typography - Typography is an essential element to give your website a classy look. Your content font size on the website should also be proper - not too big or not too small. According to a study, an average user spends around 10 seconds on a web page, so you should be able to communicate your USPs and grab their attention by a few more seconds by using proper font and its size.

Consider these essential visual elements in mind while you speak to a website design company for designing your web pages.

 I hope you have found this helpful article.

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