16 March, 2023

Conversion window settings for conversions imported from Google Analytics 4

Learn how to optimize your Google Analytics 4 conversion tracking by adjusting your conversion window settings. Increase your conversion accuracy and gain valuable insights with these simple steps. Read more now.

Conversion window settings for conversions imported from Google Analytics 4

Conversion window settings for conversions imported from Google Analytics 4 (GA4) in Google Ads will be automatically updated to match those of GA4.

What is a Conversion Window

A conversion window is the period after an ad interaction (such as a click or video view) during which a conversion is recorded (such as a purchase). Conversion window settings for imported conversions from GA4 can be configured independently in Google Ads and GA4. This can lead to discrepancies between the performance reports of each of these platforms.

Details of the change

On March 31, 2023, will be automatically updated the conversion window settings in Google Ads to match those in GA4. Contact the Google Support team and provide your Google Ads admin account's customer ID and your Google Analytics property ID if you do not want this modification to take effect.

Changes can be made to the conversion window settings in the GA4 user interface after March 31, 2023.

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People also ask

A conversion window is the period of time in which a conversion is credited to a specific ad click or other marketing event. In Google Analytics 4, you can set the conversion window to determine how long after an event occurs that it is still considered a conversion.

To adjust your conversion window settings in Google Analytics 4, navigate to your conversion tracking settings and click on "Conversion settings". From there, you can select the conversion window for each conversion event you are tracking.

It's important to consider the typical customer journey for your business when setting conversion windows. For example, if you sell high-priced products or services, you may want to set a longer conversion window to account for longer decision-making processes.

Conversion window settings can significantly impact your conversion tracking accuracy. If you set your conversion window too short, you may miss out on conversions that occur after the window closes. However, if you set the window too long, you may overestimate the effectiveness of certain marketing campaigns.

Yes, you can change your conversion window settings at any time in Google Analytics 4. However, keep in mind that changing your settings can affect your historical conversion data, so it's important to be strategic about when and why you make changes.
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