24 August, 2020

How to Create a Landing Page that Converts

A great meal is cooked with a great recipe. Same is the case with your landing pages. If you are applying a recipe of curd rice, you cannot expect it to taste like biryani.

How to Create a Landing Page that Converts

A great meal is cooked with a great recipe. The same is the case with your landing pages. If you are applying a curd rice recipe, you cannot expect it to taste like biryani.

Landing pages are one of the essential elements of lead generation. Although these most companies do not give it due weightage, they give more importance to the website`s homepage. After all, the homepage is the first impression of your website.

However, according to some studies, the average conversion from a website is typically between 1% to 3% which is way too less. Then why do businesses rely on the homepage for conversions?

Have a landing page!

Do you want to know why?

A landing page provides a targeted platform for converting maximum visitors into leads. It contains the right message for your target audience. But not all landing pages reverse, and the reason is poor design thinking.

While creating a good landing page is not rocket science - but it does take some thought.

Let us check out the essential elements to build a perfect landing page.

5 Tips to Create a Landing Page

Before you even start putting together your landing page, you need first to determine what you want to achieve - whether you want people to subscribe to your blog, newsletter, or you want to market a new product or service? Promote an offer on a subscription?

Once your objective is clear, you need to decide your message. In other words, if the purpose of your landing page is to increase blog subscription, you need to think about how your blog will help your users or how it will solve their problems.

Now that the message is in place, start your keyword research. Find out what keywords your users type when searching for solutions to the problem that your product, service, or subscription can solve?

So, now your goal, message, and keywords are finalized, it`s time to decide the conversion elements you want to have on your landing page, like CTA, lead form, a video, or an infographic may be.

With everything in place, you can start designing your landing page.

 Ingredients for A Perfect Landing Page Design

1. Headline – A headline is the first thing you can use to arouse interest, grab attention and improve understanding. It induces a user to stay and learn more about your offerings. Here is what your headline needs to do:

  • It should be catchy enough to hold your user`s interest.
  • It should be direct. Your headline should tell your users about the product and service you are selling.
  • The headline should be crisp. It should be between 10-15 words.

It is important to note that if your headline supplements your image, you can keep your copy short – no need to give details.

2. Images and Videos – Visual content is the most crucial ingredient of a landing page. This is because a human brain process pictures 60,000 times faster than a page full of text. This means images have the power to grab user attention almost quickly. It would help if you keep a few things in mind while using images on your landing page:

  • The image should be high-quality and large. It should not be pixelated or blurred.
  • The photo should be relevant to your product or service. If possible, you can create demo videos to showcase the USP of your product or service.
  • The media should demonstrate your accurate service or product. Do not use a dummy or photoshopped visuals.

3. CTA – A powerful call to action button is essential for a high-converting landing page design. This is the element that can lead to conversions. Hence, you need to be careful and act smartly while creating a CTA button. A good CTA button stands out in terms of color, size, and, most importantly, message. Here are a few things to note while creating a powerful CTA.

  • Avoid using plain bland text like `Contact Us.` Instead, be creative and use a crisp yet catchy text for CTA like `Get in Touch` or `Start A Trial.`
  • Use bold colors and slightly bigger text font for your CTA to grab larger eyeballs – the bigger, the better.
  • Make sure you are not using colors that have already been used on your page. Choose a contrast or hard-to-miss color.

One of the best examples:

Look at the CTA text and how this button contrasts red, which stands out from the greys and whites of its surroundings. The message is too crisp yet conveys clearly.

4. Guarantee – A guarantee can help people feel good about your brand while they are on your landing page, regardless of what it is. It improves the chances of conversion. Here is what you need to consider:

  • A guarantee can be anything relevant to your business. For instance, 100% no spam guarantee, 100% satisfaction, money-back guarantee.
  • The guarantee should not always be extreme. You can go easy and guarantee quality customer support, security guarantee, and so on.
  • Always place your guarantee close to the CTA so that it comes to your customer`s notice immediately.

Modes of contact – A good landing page allows you to contact them anytime and in multiple ways. Hence, while designing your landing page, don`t forget to add contact mediums. Some businesses give contact numbers, email addresses, office addresses, and some even have popups where a customer support executive asks if they can be of help, live support chat. This shows your business is legit;this assures your customer to win their loyalty.

The Bottom Line

A highly converting landing page is where you can generate business and revenue. This is the place where most action happens. Hence, keep these vital landing page design strategies in mind to increase conversions.

Creating the best landing page is no rocket science if you know the best practices.



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