How to speed up your Wordpress website?

Speed up your WordPress website to capture attention to convince visitors. Too much time taken during loading most people gone and lost before.

WordPress website uses a content management platform that is used by more than 60% of the world’s top websites so that it’s flexibility, reliability and very ease of use.

WordPress Development Company’s developers are an active community and makes WordPress a top choice for businesses to use for managing their website. It affects ranking algorithms that means it is putting an effect on your website’s speed and affects SEO.

WordPress development represents your business’s brand and optimizes for search marketing. WordPress development helps your business to attract new customers and improve website visibility online.

Reorganization company’s name and branding is vital and an important part of impression on your clients mind the image that comes near to you and remember.

The WordPress web development platform develops the customize theme for your company to enhance your brand online and create an effective experience for your website visitors and potential clients.

Here information is gathered in order by importance or criteria that gears up how to speed up WordPress developed webpage.

Variety of WordPress Site:

First we should understand that not all WordPress websites are the same in the ocean of optimizations.

WordPress websites have two classifications: Stable or Active.

Stable Websites

Stable includes websites developed with blogs, small business sites, lower volume news sites, personal, photography, etc. and the data of such WordPress websites are not changing very often.

Active Websites

On the flip side, we have highly active websites such as eCommerce, community, membership, forums and learning management systems.

In active WordPress websites the data is frequently changing (server transactions are taking place every few minutes or even every second). Such Wordpress websites have a large number of concurrent visitors and sessions.

  1. Better web hosting provider
    • The big influence is the speed of a website hosting your wordpress website. You can do it for your new as well as with existing Wordpress website on a shared hosting provider.
    • Shared hosting provider offers “unlimited” bandwidth, space, emails, domains and more. However, we usually miss out an environment that allows delivering good loading times on peak traffic hours.
    • But, the web-hosting development service provider that offers cloud hosting with advanced technology that allows delivering good loading during peak hours.
  2. Begin with strong light framework
    • Strong bloated frameworks have tons of features that you will not allow to slow your Wordpress website. It is better to use lightweight theme frame.
    • As Wordpress themes of website has the lot of movable elements, icons, sliders and many more those are immensely appealing to the eye but most probably they may cause your web server to take a huge hit.
  3. Images optimization
    • Optimized images in Wordpress websites are good one for speed up. We recommend Wordpress development optimize images for the Wordpress website.
    • As images have huge file sizes based on the image file format and the compression can be made through editing software, you can decrease your image size by up to 5x.
    • Fortunately, there is an amazing, free plugin which will do this process to all of your images automatically.
  4. Homepage do optimize to load quickly
    • Do ensure that Wordpress development company develops that homepage loads quickly. It is probably the most important development part of Wordpress website as most often visitors will be landing.

Things can include for quick loading -

  • Show portion instead of full posts
  • Decrease the number of posts on the page.
  • Allow needful sharing widgets from the home page.

Overall, Wordpress development is a clean and focused homepage web design that will help your web page not only look good, but load quicker as well.

  1. Optimized Theme for Speed
    • It is important for optimizing the speed to pay special attention while selecting a theme for your Wordpress website. Some impressive and beautiful appearing themes can slow your website.
    • It is better for Wordpress development with a simpler theme rather than to choose a theme that has complex layouts, flashy animations, and other unnecessary features. It would be good when to add those features using quality Wordpress plugins.
  2. Optimize database of Wordpress
    • Your database will have lots of web information which you probably do not have needed any more after using the Wordpress development. For improving the performance it is necessary to optimize the database to ruin all such unnecessary information.
  3. Control the numbers of post revisions stored
    • Rather than to store the draft of post number of times on Wordpress websites it is better to store single one and then post it done and published. There is no need to keep all the drafts of post so may use Revision Control plugin development to keep revision of post to minimum number set.
  4. Turn off pingbacks and trackbacks
    • It is by default, blog equipped with pingbacks and trackbacks interact with WordPress. Every time another blog notifies your website development which in turns update data on the post. It does not harm the backlinks of your website but arises a lot of another web development works for your website.
  5. Use PHP instead of Stable HTML
    • This one is advance and drastically cuts download time of your Wordpress website. PHP programming language is written in Wordpress as it is a server language that stands for installing and running on your hosting server.
    • All good Wordpress hosts use the most stable PHP version on their servers that has huge performance boost of your website and that is an advantage.

We probably obsess with all the different ways to speed up WordPress website.

Fast loading of WordPress website improves search engine ranking and crawlability that enhance development of conversion rates and slow down bouncing. No need to say that everyone loves to visit a fast speed loading website!

These are few things that may speed up your WordPress website and improvise traffic and conversion.

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