How Testing is Important in iOS Mobile App Development?

Mobile app testing is a vital part of iOS mobile app development. Over the years, almost every iOS mobile app development company has learned the value of testing an app before launching. Businesses all over the globe can enjoy countless benefits by simply making a habit of mobile app testing.

The best way to win over customers is to provide quality apps that make life easier for customers. Since the rise of smartphones, one after another app has made one or another aspect of our lives easier. That’s why mobile applications are always in demand. However, most businesses fail to capitalize on this fondness for apps. The best iOS mobile app development company tests the apps rigorously to eliminate the most common errors.

Apple devices are loved and cherished by users and one of the reasons for that is the standard of work they put in every piece of software they develop to provide the customers with a premium experience combined with superior hardware. As of right now, there are over 1 billion Apple devices operation all over the globe. To capitalize on this huge market, businesses need to know all about iOS mobile app development testing and why it is important.

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Challenges in Mobile App Testing

Applications for iOS or Android devices are harder to test than desktop applications or software. iOS mobile app development cost and time both increase with a constant barrage of testing. Here are some of the common challenges faced in mobile app testing:

  • Devices are endless. Smartphones, tablets, and other smart devices have unique screen sizes, resolutions, hardware configurations and so much more. Developers need to develop the apps based on their uniqueness.
  • The iOS has too many versions, businesses often fail to develop apps that support all the versions.

What’s the Importance of Mobile Testing in iOS Development?

The need for mobile app testing is growing day by day in the digitally fuelled world. The most common problem found in apps during development is lack of performance, unresponsive elements, unresponsive to resolutions, and so on. It is the job of the business to make sure that the customers don’t have to face these problems while using the application. All the common and rare issues in an app are easy to fix before finally launching the app.

As we mentioned above, there are currently 1 billion operational Apple devices and to ensure that your customers get the best functionality in the app, app testing should be part of your iOS mobile app development process. Most businesses fail to involve the mobile app testing part of the development process.

If you’re developing an application for your business, you should be able to provide the best possible experience for your customers. Testing iOS mobile applications should be a crucial part of the mobile app development process. All the major issues that the application faces can be resolved by focusing on mobile application testing prior to launch. To make sure that you deliver the best apps to your customers, here are some main categories of mobile testing:

  • Functional testing
  • Performance testing
  • Interrupt testing
  • Usability testing
  • Installation testing

    Key Factors that Influence Mobile App Testing

    Businesses need to know some of the major factors in mobile app testing:

    • Mobile Devices: Testing your iOS app in different devices on different versions to ensure it runs optimally everywhere.
    • Mobile Simulators: While testing iOS mobile apps, mobile simulators play a huge role in testing the app. Mobile simulators are a piece of software that acts like an actual mobile device. All the businesses can utilize the simulators as they are a cost-effective option for figuring out the weak points in the app. The testers get full access to all the features and allow them to understand the behavior of an application in the local storage environment.
    • Cloud Testing Tools: Testing mobile applications is challenging and to eliminate every possible error, businesses need to test the app on a series of devices. Cloud-based app testing tools are perfect for the iOS mobile app development company and fix issues in real-time.
    • Network Conditions: It is essential for businesses to test their iOS mobile applications under different network conditions to eliminate the weak points in the app.
    • Performance Test: To make the process of iOS mobile app development perfect, developers need to test the performance of the app. This is done by verifying the app’s behaviour by applying load/stress/volume.


    Mobile testing is essential for success for any iOS mobile app development company. To ensure that your business is able to provide the best experience to the customers, mobile testing is vital. That’s not all, mobile testing can also help in reducing the iOS mobile app development cost.

    • Why testing is important in mobile app development?
      Mobile application testing allows businesses to build applications that are scalable and accessible to users with perfect functionality. Mobile testing can be done manually or automatically.
    • iOS app testing is a part of the iOS mobile development process. Developers put the app through a series of tests on real Apple devices or simulators to check whether it works as expected and fix the bugs.
    • There are generally four recognized levels of testing: integration, unit/component, system testing, and acceptance testing. The test is very important to make before going live as it gives us prior bugs which we can resolve at early stage.
    • Some of you readers who lack in programming knowledge may find it very difficult for mobile app testing. It can be very tedious when it comes to deal with code. This is why it becomes important to choose Artistic Bird.