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A glance at the list of 10 Most Popular Coffee Shops in Houston

For a lot of us, our day won’t start with a cup of our favorite coffee in morning. The same goes with Americans. It is due to their crazy love for coffee it is often called ‘Liquid Gold.’

But wait, if you think Starbucks is the only choice people of Americans have for coffee, then you are probably wrong. No doubt, it was once the most sought after place to grab a cup of strong, sweet, piping hot, iced or your choice of coffee, but today there are plenty of popular local coffee shops in Houston.

Each of these coffee shops are famous for a reason - one is the right place for a coffee date having a romantic set up, the other gives a peaceful environment to work or study, one is a quick on-the-go coffee shop, some roast their own beans and some serve the best pastries with their coffee.

Because there are so many options available, we thought of helping you. Hence, in this blog, we bring you a list of 10 best coffee shops in Houston that you can explore when you’re in need of some caffeine.

Here you go!

  1. Southside Espresso - Offering an intimate setting, in the cooler weather, the outside patio is a superb option to sip your favorite coffee. We recommend you to grab a cortado, espresso with a touch of steamed, smooth milk cortado, espresso with a touch of steamed, smooth milk. Trust us, Southside makes it the best. They are best known for their strong coffee and rotating menu of seasonal dishes.
  2. Agora - This is a leading European-style coffee spot in Montrose opened in 2001. You can choose to sit outside on the small patio, downstairs on the cozy and soft couch or upstairs overlooking the entire coffee shop. Here, cappuccinos and lattes are often served with a small cookie and brown sugar cubes. This coffee shop in Houston is famous for its granita and espresso with chocolate syrup topped with whipped cream. If you are not a coffee person or may not be in the mood to sip a cup on a given day, grab a solid selection of wine and beer.
  3. Boomtown Coffee - This shop was opened in March 2018 in the former space of Honeymoon Cafe. They serve a good six specialty lattes - salted caramel, Mayan mocha with dark chocolate and cayenne, and more, and not to forget the loose-leaf teas. Boomtown not only serves coffee, they roast it too. The one thing that attracts most visitors are the decadent house lattes with homemade syrups — Milk & Honey. For the best natural light and gorgeous city view, grab a seat near one of the large windows. You can also bring a cute bag of your favorite Boomtown coffee home.
  4. The Nook Cafe - This is a newly opened coffee shop on campus at UH. However, this is not just for students. Obviously, you will find a lot of students in the cafe due to its relaxing and peaceful atmosphere. Once you walk inside the cafe, you will see a large display of cakes, muffins and cookies from the popular local bakeries. Grab one of your favorites with a cup of s´mores latte, maybe. It is probably popular as one of the best coffee shops in Houston to study.
  5. Pura Coffee -  This surprise element is located in a strip mall near Memorial Park along the I-10 corridor. With amazing coffee selection being its foundation, everything here is just a bonus - free wifi, vegan pastries, loose-leaf teas. They offer the best selection of European candy bars and treats - best being the Kinder Chocolate bars!
  6. Revival Market - This popular coffee shop in Houston has everything to make you fall for it. Not just coffee, you will find the yummiest sandwiches, soups and breakfast items, along with their signature Vanilla latte. This sweet dish is perfectly balanced with sweet vanilla syrup and bright coffee. Your coffee with them may taste incomplete if you don’t pair it with a pastry, biscotti or one of Fluff Bake Bar´s macarons. So, don’t miss this place.
  7. Antidote/Blackhole - Antidote and Black Hole are a coffee shop owned by two sisters. When you are here don’t miss the sweet with great coffee concoctions, like the cajeta latte made with sweetened goat´s milk. This a nutty caramel drink with just the right amount of sweetness. You can further enjoy it with a cupcake or a slice of freshly baked cake from Black Hole´s kitchen.
  8. Catalina Coffee - This is a popular go-to coffee shop known for its perfect coffee drinks - flavored latte with a lovely finish or Gold Cup brew. This is a very busy place on both weekends and weekdays (mornings), so make sure you come as early as possible to grab your favorite drink at this classic neighbourhood establishment.
  9. Siphon Coffee - A popular coffee joint, Siphon is not only famous for its coffee but also creamy lattes topped with fluffy milk foam to slightly bitter, yet smooth americanos. So go on a date or pull in your gang to have the best snack and coffee in the town at Siphon coffee.
  10. Ahh, Coffee! - Located in the East Downtown, Ahh, Coffee is owned by the same folks behind Argus Coffee. It is located at a five-minute walking distance from the convention center. This small yet attractive cafe offers comfy seating, consistent quality, reasonable prices, and has a friendly staff. Some of the popular coffee drinks they serve are Brazilian pour-overs, espressos, and more. The Coffee beans are roasted at the owners´ own Argus Coffee Company, located just a few blocks away.

So the next time you are Houston, you know the best local coffee shops to explore. Go ahead get caffeinated with your date, friends, family or alone. The above list is carefully curated to match the taste and preference of every age group and people of myriad preferences - from traditional to creative coffee, there is so much to explore and enjoy in Houston. Go ahead and treat yourself.

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