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Top 10 common mistakes in E-Commerce Website Design

Without a strong growth or development plan, a business cannot survive. Today, the internet enables us to contact customers around the world from the comfort of our homes. Nowadays, online sales of products and services are an important part of any business's long-term goals.

You will need an E-Commerce Website if you want to reach out to customers worldwide. Before approaching the web design services for an e-commerce website, we need to plan the right way. In the following, we will discuss the top 10 common mistakes in E-commerce Website Design, which you should avoid.

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1. Inadequate or less product information and details

The most common mistake often goes unnoticed. Ensure that your website contains the requisite information about the products and services that you are offering. An online customer who could be a potential customer for your business may experience information hindrance due to this mistake.

2. Unclear contact information

In order to trust a business or brand, the customer needs to read about its portfolio. You may not be able to gain the trust of online customers if you hide your contact information. Make sure your contact information is visible on your website to avoid this mistake.

3. Time-consuming or complicated checkout process

A complex or time-consuming checkout process can lead to major losses for your business. While getting an E-commerce website design, you need to ensure a smooth checkout process so that your customer can easily share their credit card details with you.

4. Create an account to place an order

E-commerce website design is again a time-consuming process that customers do not like. In this case, you are creating an obstacle by asking the customer to register before placing an order. If you have marketed this point in the E-commerce Website design USA list, then remove it immediately from the list.

5. Having an inadequate site search engine

Now, let's talk about some technical issues. While searching for products and services on the internet, online customers use search engines. If you want to help your online customer, you need to ensure that the search feature on your E-commerce website works flawlessly.

6. Unreachable or poor customer service section

Your online customers require the right guidance and customer service. Not only will this make your business a reliable place, but it will also help its future growth. A visible customer support section with guidance tips will assist the online customer in reaching out and trusting your company.

7. Small and blurred product images

You may lose some online customers if you upload small and unclear images of your products. To make it clear what the customer is purchasing, provide a large image of the product or build a zoom-in feature.

8. Single image of each product

This is another common mistake found in many E-commerce website designs. Adding multiple images of your product from different angles is best to showcase your product to worldwide customers.

9. A less-informational shopping cart design

Before the customer completes the checkout process, the shopping cart section of your E-commerce website should detail everything about their purchase. As a result, the customer is able to recall the details of the products they choose.

10. Fewer payment options

Today, a customer's wallet is not just filled with cash. They have many wallets and card options to pay for what they have purchased. To make your E-commerce website design more user-friendly, you have to add some more payment options.

  • What is E-commerce design?
    You can create a perfect online store for your business using this process. You can sell your products and services digitally to worldwide and targeted customers.
  • Choosing the wrong platform, inadequate information of products, improper images, incomplete contact information, less social proof, asking customers to create an account first are some of the major common mistakes of designing an E-commerce website.
  • Business-to-business (e.g. Shopify), business-to-customer (e.g. Amazon), and customer-to-customer (e.g. eBay) are the three major types of E-commerce.
  • The future of E-Commerce in India is enormous and due to the increasing adaptation of the internet and smartphones.
  • To build a perfect E-commerce website, you need to work on different aspects such as search engine support, payment processing, payment gateways and software, etc. Review the above blog to avoid the major and common mistakes in E-commerce website design.