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Magento eCommerce Solution for any Business Need 

Our development team delivers an end-to-end solution for your business. We leverage the best of technology and deliver intuitive designs at affordable prices.
Also, conduct audits and analyses to make sure you get good quality Magento solution for succeeding always.

Magento-certified Developers

Our team has a Magento certificate and good years of experience in development. They also use innovative and attractive designs to boost your business.

Outcome-Focused Approach

For us, customer satisfaction is important that’s why we focus on boosting your website to get more leads and sales. We understand your need and provide quality services.

Trusted Delivery Models

We make transparency and make sure that our customers get quality services. Our delivery models and timelines are built keeping customers` requirements at the forefront.

Focus on Security

We ensure the security of every product we design. We use cutting-edge technology to make digital security and encryption solutions that never compromise.

Our Process

Unique Magento Website to Get More Sale

Magento is an internet business platform based on open source innovation which furnishes online shippers with an adaptable shopping basket framework, just as authority over the look, substance and usefulness of their online store. Magento offers incredible advertising, website streamlining, and index the executives tools.

CommonPlaces utilizes the network based Magento item for our web based business customers. Magento´s capacity to scale permits shops with just a couple of items and straightforward needs to handily grow to a huge number of items and complex custom conduct without evolving stages. It offers an assortment of modules and topics which can without much of a stretch upgrade a client´s understanding. There are a great deal of angles to the online store which should be designed, and how well that is cultivated is regularly subject to business sharpness. With regards to custom usefulness, nonetheless, that is the place increasingly complex writing computer programs is required.

Why Us

New source of inspiration 

Magento is intended to be used as an application by somebody who isn´t an engineer. The Magento people group is amazingly enormous and exceptionally supportive. Be that as it may, eventually the normal individual is going to reach a stopping point.

There are various reasons why designers are called upon to change a Magento site. It is a vigorous framework even at its generally essential. When you start to incorporate with different frameworks, or present countless items, organizations frequently need the help of experienced designers. For instance, we´ve had customers need extra alternatives for how they see their dashboard. Ordinarily you may have the option to choose seeing items in gatherings of 5, 25, as well as 50. We have a customer who needs to see 2000. The usefulness can be switched distinctly to a certain degree;past that, it should be redone by a specialist who truly comprehends Magento, and follows best practices.

Experienced engineers will likewise reveal to you that speed is of the pith in web based business. Nobody needs to need to trust that frameworks will reload when you´re doing a ton of web based shopping. With such a vigorous rundown of highlights local to the application, strains can be put on your server. While we haven´t yet had a Magento customer require more than one server for their online store, I can predict that circumstance emerging later on. in the ecommerce ever changing many features show up and keeping the pace it is challenging, here is where our team performs audits and create custom plans giving priority and choosing what implementations bring more value to your shop.


Versatile Content Management
Mobile-Friendly Configuration
Advanced Search Engine Optimization
Powerful and Spacious
Easy Third-party Integrations

What We Offer For You

Here are some Milestones

How can you improve the performance of Magento?

By performing some activities you can easily improve the performance of the Magento website. If you don’t have any knowledge about this, you can hire a company that has good experience in the same field. They will assist you and improve your website’s performance.
When starting an eCommerce store using Magento, the primary problem that should really bother you is how to secure a website. It comes with some powerful built-in security features, but you need to take care of some important things. If you are a novice in this field it’s good to hire a reputed company for the same task.
To run a custom query in Magento you need to perform some simple tricks. But, sometimes people don’t have proper information about this. If you are a novice in the technical field, you need to hire a reputed company that has a team of experts for the same work. You can contact us for assistance any time round the clock.
To put a Magento site in maintenance mode, you need to create empty maintenance. flag file and upload it to the root folder of your website. Once you enable the maintenance mode, even if logged as admin, you won’t be able to access the front end of the website. You also need to modify the index.php file in the Magento root folder to grant access to certain IP addresses that can load the site.
To optimize Magento configuration follow the given point:
  • Choose Magento Specific Hosting
  • Magento Server Configuration
  • Optimizing dedicated resources for Magento
  • Upgrade to the latest php7
Move to a fast, reliable cloud server with backup copies and server maintenance: optimizations & configuration, SLL set up, Magento performance, cronjobs and many more.
Get all the built-in features of the latest Magento versions. Make your shop a safer place to shop and compatible with any modern plugin.
Keep you shop safe and working without bugs updating Magento Plugins or installing new ones to give new functionalities to your online shop.
Improve theme layout, product content, page speed and sitemaps. With our 3 month SEO projects you can improve overall product quality descriptions and improve sales conversions and Google rankings at the same time.
Provide the best search engine that shows product images, descriptions, prices and make sure your users find the products they want to buy.
Attractive and Creative Forms to Increase Leads and usable maps let people find you.

Pagobaldio sancarlos

Pagobaldio sancarlos

Pagobaldio sancarlos

25 May 2023


Haderner is organic beer from Munich-Hadern - Bavarian, tasty and authentic. We brew ourselves and are proud of our beers and our location.

25 May 2023
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Bio Dis

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24 May 2023


We carry out construction, rehabilitation and reforms throughout the Community of Madrid and in neighboring provinces.

24 May 2023
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