Cabarceno Lodges

Website with booking forms and ongoing Google Ads keep cabins fully occupied.

Cabarceno is a zoo where animals live in huge open spaces,  almost like they do in wildlife. Our customer wanted decided that wooden cabins where the perfect match for that type of short stays.

How can I get maximum occupancy throughout the week?

When we first talked with owner he was very clear, he demanded a plan to ensure full occupation not only in weekend but all throughout the days. Budget was not limited as long as results and numbers worked out.

Promotions, pricing and most important good Google rankings

Together we planned for special advantages for tourist that arrived on Monday like free tickets to park, extra free days and implemented a smart Google Ads campaign that included dynamic feeds, graphic banners and remarketing campaigns to

We also looked at seasons as it is a mountain area and winter can be cold, we worked on a flexible pricing scheme improve the performance strengthening campaigns and reaching other cities.

Find fast the cabin that suites each trip

At Cabarceno Cabins the offer a wide range of cabins so we suggested to include a easy to use search in the homepage where users can include number of kids and adult to get the results with the best cabins with promotional prices.

A ongoing story

After 8 year we continue to ensure every day that Cabarceno Cabins are at the best occupation and that tourist have fun on their trip to one of the best zoos on Earth.

Work: Web desing, Marketing online
Industry: TRAVEL

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