08 March, 2021

Padi Real State

PADI Real Estate builds and sell houses under housing cooperative model. Company works with customers in UK, Germany and Spain.

A different way to buy a property

To start a housing cooperative and get financing to start building PADI needs a big number of sales. In the housing cooperatives sales are done with a project and maps.

Each flat with perfect details

We created websites that showed floor plans, building materials details, PDF, location of house within the building for each single house.

Our coding team crafted interactive easy to use components so users could change of house and request more information from PADI sales team.

0ver 340 houses sold off-plan in 3 years

Our usable websites and high conversion landing pages generated leads thousands of leads, PADI team sold 340 houses and company started 5 different condominiums in just 3 years.


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Client Padi Real State
Padi Real State
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