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Your website is the first impression that a customer gets, which helps him to understand your business. We, at ARTISTIC BIRD like to take our time to analyse your goals, sector of expertise and the services you’d love to work so that we can prepare a Google Ads Campaign that works for you.

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Better ads that target valuable users.



Filter unwanted users with negative keywords.



Good cost per conversion with strategic bidding.



Regularly updated campaigns for latest google ads features.



Daily optimizations: Time,devices,tracking, etc.



Keep track on users with conversions and google analytics.


Reach, engage and convert users into customers

When we display ads to the right audience, then automatically the CTR rises and the Bounce rate drops. Visitors are attracted by your relevant ads and stay longer in the website, besides good Google quality scores improve ad rankings and visibility. Engagement is behind good spinning wheel of Google Ads, let´s share some tips.

ads-that-spark-the-clickADS THAT SPARK THE CLICK

Google recommends to include keywords in the title, but does your ad have to look similar to your competitors? Bringing your best value propositions and original ideas to the top of the search results. We craft that perfect ad that lights the spark and get the valuable clicks.


Other excellent solution to thrive user engagement is to ask questions in step forms, provide prices with online quotes or help users with calculators. With simple engaging easy to use forms we capture valuable data so you can know better leads and we can optimize campaigns based on results.

targeted-branding-to-performTARGETED BRANDING TO PERFORM

To succeed in digital branding we only need to build your brand in a rather small audience: people doing service related keywords, leads that have your quotes, users at product research stage. With Display Remarketing and RSLA we can enhance brand exposure and win efficiency in search results oriented campaigns.

embrace-mobile-revolutionEMBRACE MOBILE REVOLUTION

Earlier, people used to ask friends and relatives to find anything, now with a mobile in every hand this trend has shifted. We just ask the question or type in the device. Many options which are available: call from ads, mobile optimized pages, AMP but we have to provide good fast responsive website to win.


Marketing strategies for every company

Local business, B2B, international markets and Spanish Google Ads.

Our Specialized Services

We can cover all the aspects of your digital marketing needs.

  • Our SEO packages have been designed to meet your business needs, be it Local, Global or Ecommerce.

  • Social media websites help in directing customer perceptions and influencing their purchasing decisions. We can help in create powerful presence on social media for you.

  • Reputation Management is the process of controlling what shows up when someone search for you online. We help companies & business to promote positive content to targeted audience.

  • Local SEO helps you to expand your business in your geographical areas.

  • It is used to display ads to the customers. These are different from text ads as they contain display images too.

  • By placing your business related keywords on our clever and click-bait PPC ads, we lure the audience to your well designed SEO website to improve its Quality Score and take you up the search engine rankings.


Our marketing experts create wonders by unifying business, marketing and technology for our clients.


It is the heart of inbound marketing. We work with you to build content that speaks directly to your potential customers.

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Lead Generation

Using data, we determine the right strategies to implement to help your business to be in the top of your customers wishlist.

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We help the right customers find your business by strategically enhancing your SEO, social media, business listings, and digital advertising channels.

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Customer retention

We help you to connect with and delight your customers to continue to drive revenue and repeat business.

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We design & build brands, campaigns & digital projects for all types of businesses whether large or small.

950 Successful Projects

In total we have created more than 950 projects with a variety of different design which suits best for your business and audience.

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Real estate, travel, art, finance, law, constructions, education, manufacturer, retails, shop, B2B and services.

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